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Z-FIT is a training philosophy developed to build a complete fit body.  It is a training program that is based off of 4 key principles: Balance, Flexibility, Strength, Power.  The exercises are catered more for what I call Real World movements and functional exercises.  It consists of using your body weight, free weights, kettlebells, cable systems, resistance bands, suspension systems, plyometric and athletic equipment, and just about anything that requires using control and stability. 


The training routines are performed in a structured mini-circuit format to enhance your strength as well as cardiovascular fitness.  Machines are very seldom used unless needed for special needs like rehabilitation, post-physical therapy exercises.


It is a continuously progressive program that starts off with basic foundation building routines and progresses to very advanced training routines.  So it doesn't matter if you are fit, unfit, male, female, young or old.  Everyone starts off the same learning and mastering the fundamental lifts and depending on experience and skill levels some will progress faster than others while others progress at their own pace.


Z-FIT training focuses on the quality and efficiency of each exercise so you will progress accordingly with your body's pace.  There is no magic rep number you have to reach or a fastest time to complete a routine.  This often leads to poor performance of the exercise which not only diminshes & negates the effectiveness and purpose of the exercise, but can also lead to risks of injury.  Having a structured, efficient, and progressive program is the key to getting great results.  Z-FIT can help you acheive that.


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