The body is a very efficient machine. It can learn and adapt quickly. If your exercise routine is easy to do or has become easy, then your body has already adapted to it and is in maintaining mode. Maintaining is easy. Actually most people have been maintaining their weight range / fitness level for years and even decades whether they’re at their ideal goal weight / fitness level or not. If you’re not at your ideal weight range / fitness level, well then it’s going to take WORK & EFFORT to achieve that. Sorry to tell you, there are NO EASY OUTS when it comes to achieving & keeping your fitness goals.


Now adding more effort and intensity to your workouts is great and will get you past that 1st hurdle, but there are going to be many hurdles & roadblocks on your path to reaching your fitness goals. Make sure you are keeping track and measuring progress on all that effort and intensity. That way you can move past each hurdle and any roadblocks. Because anyone can put in tremendous amount of effort and intensity into their workouts and jump & run around aimlessly like a floppy fish out of water to get their heart rate up. If there is no method to the madness, then that’s a lot of wasted effort. Nothing worse than putting in tremendous amount of work and effort for weeks and months with little or nothing to show for. Then all those hard workouts will leave you BURNED OUT!


Put the WORK in your workouts. Make sure your workouts are Progressive and Measurable. Move past maintaining the fitness level you don’t want to be in and EARN the fitness level you want. Graduate from exercising and TRAIN! - BZ

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