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Z-FIT is a cross training fitness program offering personal training in a private, semi-private, or small group setting. 


Founded by Brett Zellner, a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. Z-FIT training is designed to transform your body resulting in the best physical condition possible for all levels and age groups.


Everyone has a goal weight and body image they desire to attain, and yes, there are lots of diets and training programs claiming they can help you get to those goals.  But, why settle for just a number on a scale or looking good in a mirror when you can accomplish so much more? Why not also have solid balance, versatile flexibility, significant strength, and athletic power that incorporates mental and physical endurance in all that you desire to succeed in?  You can have all of this while still achieving whatever image or weight goal you desire. 


Z-FIT provides this with up-to-date fitness training and with personalization you just won't find anywhere else. One day, LIFE will call on you to do something challenging, will you be ready to take on that challenge, will you be ready to take on any challenge ... or only be ready to strike a pose?  Be more than that, be ready, be unwaivering ...


"Be Balanced - Be Flexible - Be Strong - Be Powerful"



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Training Principles

Learn and Master the Basics!  Improve your training performance and acheive results faster!


Private Training:



Group Training:

$180/month (unlimited)

$150/month (3 / week)

$120/month (2 / week)



$15/class  (must be qualified & approved by instructor)




No Instruction, Train at own discretion

Must have thorough gym experience & be qualified & approved by instructor


15% Discount for Military and 1st Responders

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