Z-FIT Philosophy


The philosphy of Z-FIT is to build a complete fit body.  I have always been fascinated with the human body and going through school one of my favorite classes was Anatomy & Physiology.  Being naturally athletic I was drawn to the kinetic and fitness side of learning how the body works.  And on the continous path of developing and teaching my passion for fitness, I wanted to come up with a training philosophy that develops a complete fit body that will work for everyone. 


The cornerstones of the Z-Fit philosophy are being balanced, flexible, strong, and powerful.


Be Balanced: To have, improve, and maintain great balance.  Not only physically but be balanced in every aspect of your life (fitness and nutrition, work and family/social time, spritual time, etc.) to truly live a longer, healthier, and happier life.  Being too extreme one way or the other is not truly healthy.  Some examples: Never working out can lead to being extremely deconditioned and out of shape and then working out way too much and not getting enough rest can lead to injury.  Eating a lot of junk food can lead to obesity and health complications and being too strict on your diet you will miss out on life's delicious treats.  Be Balanced in your training and in all aspects of your life.  

Be Flexible: Have the flexibility to improve performance in every aspect of training.  This part often gets ignored or not deemed as important but it actually is the most important to improve any movement.  If you are structurally imbalanced due to muscle tightness and stiffness this will lead to restrictive movements, improper form, bad habits and be limited in how much you can improve.  This will also lead to injury, espceially if you continue to increase the intensity and resistance of the exercise.   If you are structurally balanced and your muscles are not restricted, you will not be limited in how much you can improve.  This in turn will also lead to the next two cornerstones.  

Be Strong: Be stronger than you ever thought possible.  

Be Powerful: Generate more power in every movement you do.  These kind of go hand in hand but are actually two different movements.  Strength is moving a heavy object but is generally a slow movement.  Power is moving an object as fast as possible.  Now these two cornerstones are my favorite things to be and to train.  I love being really strong and powerful and I love to train people how to be really strong and powerful.  And when I say be strong and powerful I mean REALLY strong and powerful.  More than you can get by just joining a gym and using the machine weights and walking on a treadmill, I'm talking being stronger and more pwerful than you ever thought possible!


Developing the Name and Logo


In developing my training philosophy, I also wanted to a create a name and a logo that represents my philosophy.  In picking the name I wanted to use something that was a part of me and what easier thing to use than my initials BZ and combining one of the things I love, fitness: Z-FIT.  To create the logo one of my inspirations that envisions the Z-FIT philosphy is Leonardo da Vinci's work "The Vitruvian Man."  It is a drawing of a man that fits inside a perfect cirlce and an perfect square.  Da Vinci based that drawing to illustratete a theory written by a Roman architect Vitruvius.  Vitruvius wrote, "No temple can be put together coherently without symmetry and proportion, unless it conforms exactly to the principle relating the members of a well-shaped man."  They built their buildings based off the symetry and porportions of the human body.  As the saying goes, "your body is a temple", as to Z-FIT building a complete body.  Just like in the drawing of the Vitruvian Man, a Z also can fit into a perfect circle and square.  I interpret the circle as creating balance and being flexible and the square, which is represented by the letter Z, is a strong and powerful structure.  The Z also has four corners which represents the 4 cornerstones of the Z-FIT philosophy (Balance, Flexibility, Strength, Power). I also wanted to emulate the man in the drawing to capture the whole vision.  The picure is of me standing on a stability ball (balance), upright with arms splayed out (flexibility) holding kettlebells (strength and power).  The logo represents the Z-FIT philosophy.


"Be Balanced, Be Flexible, Be Strong, Be Powerful"


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