5 Changes You Need to Make to Lose Fat & Keep it Off

People ask me all the time "How come I'm not losing any weight even though I work out everyday and I eat healthy?" 1st off congrats on creating a good habit of working out daily and eating healthy. That is very important. But it is not the solve all solution. Your workouts need to be intense enough to where it is challenging you just about every workout. And to speed results up more, it should incorporate progressive strength training. Running on a treadmill or even an aerobics class with light weights that you've been doing for awhile really isn't going to change you much anymore. As far as diet goes, you may be eating healthy but if you haven't been tracking your calories at least periodically and balancing it out with your activity level, then you're not going to see much change there either. Again to speed up results you're going to have to track calories to know exactly how to balance it out with how much your body actually needs and your activity level. Now I'm not saying you have to track calories everyday but at least until you figure out portion sizes and have a decent knowledge of meal planning. Here are the highlights from an article I came across that better illustrates what I'm talking about. Remember you want to lose fat not just weight.


#1. Create an Energy Deficit

          - Take in fewer calories than you expend but careful not to take in too little


#2. Preserve Your Muscles

        - Eat more Protein and Strength Train


#3. Increase Your Non-Exercise Physical Activity

        - Be more active in your daily routine, not just rely on exercise


#4. Plan Ahead

        - Track your calories (sure fire way to get results)


#5. Own Your Choices, Get Rid of Guilt

        - Keep a record, food journal, or any number of calorie counting apps.

        - Log everything including bad choices or habits like skipping meals


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