Staying Focused on your Workout

FOCUS – part two (Your Workout)


Previously I wrote about Focusing on your goals. And that to ensure success in reaching your goals, focusing on the processes that it takes to get there will help you reach them in a timely manner. One of the most important parts of that process is your workout. Ever noticed the ones in the gym that are crushing their workouts usually look the best and lift the most weight? They flow through each exercise with a purpose and their form on each rep is near perfect. Well it’s no wonder why they’re achieving a lot of success. They are laser-focused during their workouts. They come in with a game plan and execute each rep with precision. Now having a great game plan doesn’t mean you’re going to achieve great results, especially if you don’t execute and perform the exercises correctly or efficiently. And of course your results suffer if you’re not doing the non-workout stuff like, proper nutrition, recovery, and getting enough sleep. I have been training for a long time and have seen people working with trainers, group classes, and even had clients that never reached their potential because their focus was not all there. Either they’re distracted by any or all of life’s problems or they’re really not focused on ever reaching their goals. Their mindset is that they have to be there instead of wanting to be there. I’ve had people say to me “why do I want to get stronger?” or “when will it be enough?” (like there’s a point when they no longer have to workout anymore). SMH, do I really have to answer this? Another classic one is people rushing through their workouts just going through the motions with no thought or care to their form because their reasoning is: “to get it over with faster”(like it’s punishment). And of course you have the egotistical person that never really learned the movement but puts on a lot of weight anyways because they’re trying to show off. Either way, this is not the right mindset to have to achieve success in the gym or anywhere else actually.


Now you don’t have to be a seasoned workout veteran to obtain that focus in the gym. All you need is the want and desire to be there and the attention to learn the movements properly. I’ve had beginners that never even touched a weight before achieve great success in a relative short amount of time because they have the want and desire to be there and they’re really focused on reaching their goals. Even if they have a hard time learning a movement, they put in the attention and the effort to really learn how to do it correctly before moving on. Rushing through a movement or just “going through the motions” and not engaging the right muscles, or trying to show off, is a sure-fire way to injure yourself, especially with how we train at Z-FIT, mainly strength training. 
Remember training and becoming fit and healthy is a lifestyle that should continue for the rest of your life. There should never be a point when you don’t have to workout or be physically active. Also, when you train you are not there to show off or impress anybody, you’re there to improve yourself and get better each time. There are times when you can showcase your abilities & those are at events and competitions, not training in the gym. Now when you reach a point where you’ve mastered your focus & movements, it may appear that you’re showing off, but you’re just crushing your workouts. 
Now I have some tips that can help you stay focused in the gym and on your workouts. I will list them below but will elaborate on them in another post. My editor said this post would be too long & you would lose interest. Sorry I only know about workout stuff, I don’t have tips on staying focused on reading stuff haha….


Tips to keep laser-like focus in the gym
1. Have a goal or purpose
2. Leave all distractions at the door
3. Don’t skip out on the warm-up
4. Embrace the movement
5. Improve upon last workout
6. Utilize the playlist 
7. Be in tune with your body

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