How to Combat Inflammation

Summer is upon us which is also the time a lot of people plan and go on vacations. Like me, I just got back from one and still have a few more planned this summer. It's also a time where it is very easy to fall off the healthy eating wagon. Well no wonder, you're not in your normal environment where you can control your options, and you're surrounded by so many enticing but not so healthy options. As was the case where I was this past week, it was All-Inclusive Bliss on Tap with food & drinks!


But after all that debauchery and indulgence, my body gives me a little painful reminder (achy joints, stiffness, lethargic feeling) of why I started to clean up my diet. The reason is not to maintain my weight and look good anymore (although that's an added bonus), the reason is to feel better and be pain free as much as possible. When I was younger I could get away with eating high calorie, non-nutritious, unhealthy foods by just working out more. Now that I'm older that can somewhat work but it HUUURRTS! The main cause.. Inflammation! 


Working out causes inflammation too but in a good way. But when you combine that with bad inflammation from putting unhealthy non-nutritious foods in your body, it's a recipe for chronic pain. It hit me hard in my early 30's then a fellow trainer influenced me to change my ways, and it was a life-changer for me. Now going into my 40's and onward, eating clean, organic, non-gmo 80%-90% of the time is a way of life. I recover much faster, have more energy, little to no pain and just generally feel better. Now when I go on vacation, I enjoy the hell out of them, but I make sure to get back on track.


Here's an older article I dug up that worked for me when I transitioned over to eating better, and it still works. Remember that these are tips to add to a healthy diet (organic, non-gmo, etc). For my older clients you should already be doing this, and if you're not, get on it. Trust me you will feel the difference. For my younger clients, the sooner you adopt this lifestyle, the sooner you will be ahead of the game and maintain your youthfulness much longer for when y'all do start to age haha. In good health everyone, - BZ


Tips to Reduce Inflammation:


#1. Eat Fermented Food: Yogurt, Sauerkraut, Sourdough Bread...


#2. Cut-Out Highly Processed Foods - Duh!?!


#3. Take a High-Quality Fish Oil


#4. Fast Occasionally or Use a Ketogenic Diet Periodically


#5. Develop Healthy Coping Mechanisms - Reduce Stress


#6. Improve Your Sleep


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