Training Principles

Z-FIT training is based around Real World movements and what I call my Fundamental Strong Lifts.  These Lifts are movements that are the cornerstones of just about every lift in the gym as well as movements we use in everyday life.  There are 6 of them and they are listed below.  These fundamental exercises build the strongest foundation to continue to build the best body for whatever goal you want.  Whether you want to lose weight or body fat, build muscle, get stronger, or improve athletic performance, you have to start with a strong foundation.  Once these foundational lifts are learned and mastered; all other lifts, movements, & routines will be learned and performed a lot easier.



Chest Press
OverHead Press
Pulldown or Pull-up


These are actually popular exercises and the majority of people in a gym do them in some form or another, but sometimes they are performed very poorly or sometimes they just need a little adjustment to make them more efficient. 


These exercises are not to be taken lightly.  I have worked with hundreds of people during my career whether them being a client or doing assessments and I will say the majority of them I had to correct or polish off almost every single one of those movements.  Remember these exercises (performed correctly) will build you the Strongest Foundation to build your body.  Just like in building a temple or a building you have to start off with a strong foundation.  If you have a strong foundation, that building or body can take on any challenge or element.  On the flip side you can have a beautiful building or body on a weak foundation, but as soon as a challenging element comes to it, that building will fall apart or that body will get injured.


Learning and mastering these exercises will be 1st learned through using your own body weight and then progressing to using free weights (preferably barbells or bars).  The great thing about performing these exercises in this format is that it works your entire body.  And I mean your entire body: from your nervous system to all of your stabilizing muscles and core muscles, coordinating and stabilizing every joint in your body to make that movement possible; to your prime mover muscles actually lifting the resistance.  You will burn more calories, improve coordination and balance, and utilmately build more muscle mass.  It will also make learning and performing new exercises a lot easier.


Another great thing about these exercises is that they have broad skill carryover in real life movements (picking up a child, moving furniture, tossing an object) and athletic movements (jumping, sprinting, olympic lifting).


With Z-FIT training you will learn these fundamental lifts and build a strong foundation to reach whatever goal you are striving for much faster and easier.

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