Getting Started

All new members or inquiries start off with a complimentary fitness assessment and a private workout.


The fitness assessment will go over your health and exercise history & measure your body composition (weight & body fat).  Most of this assessment will be educational.  We will go over your results and explain how your metabolism works and how to build a nutrition and cardio plan to get results much faster.

The free workout is actually another assessment that is also a workout.  During this workout assessment you will learn or polish up your form on the fundamental exercises that are listed in the Training Principles.  These will be performed in their most basic format which I will make easy to learn or polish up existing habits.  Once the exercises are learned you will go through a circuit routine of them to get a taste of how the Z-FIT training will go.


After you go through your assessments we will discuss what kind of training package you want to do based off your goals, schedule, and utlimately your budget.  Whether you work with me or not you will at least learn the basic lifts &  how to build a total fitness program.


Z-FIT combines exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices so you can improve all aspects of your physical and mental well-being.

Get Started

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