Cardio for Strong People

Those of you that know me or have worked with me know how I feel about cardio... I hate it!!! It sucks and its boring, especially for me. It makes me weak and slow. You know the cardio I'm talking about; the long duration, slow to moderate pace, monotonous bulls#!t cardio that never ends. The one where if you're a member at any corporate globo gym and you see the same people working on the same cardio machine, they still look the same even though they do it every single damn day. Yeah that one.


There's a reason why I don't like it and it's not just because it sucks and it's boring (even though it is); it's because it doesn't really work. Now this is not for noobs or anyone new to working out. Any kind of movement will help them out. This is for the person who has been working out (probably for a long while now too) and primarily does steady state cardio for their workout without seeing much results especially fat loss. And this is definitely for the person who does strength training and wants to get leaner and/or work on their conditioning but also keep their strength gains.


I'm a big believer that you should train for what you're training or performing for. For example, a football player has no business doing any long distance workouts. They will get slower and weaker like I do after long distance cardio. They should focus on short bursts and explosive movements. And vice versa that wouldn't work for a marathon runner. But most people in the gym or working out aren't training for a particular sport, the majority are looking to lose fat and build muscle.The human body is very efficient and adapts pretty quickly, so steady state cardio might have worked a little in the beginning, but your body will soon adapt to it and it becomes easy and results will soon come to a halt. You will actually get better fat loss results if you are on a progressive strength and conditioning program and do no cardio at all. And of course eating right but that's a given. So if you're tired of being stuck in a rut with your results and want to get back on the "gains train," add this to the end of your strength routine or even a cardio routine. The workout is basically an all out interval blast that averages anywhere from 4-12 minutes. The article focuses on using a bike or treadmill but it can be performed on just about anything.


I usually have my clients finish their workouts on some kind of interval blast, met-con, or sprint work. And they love/hate me for it... Hahaha!!! - BZ


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